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El  pasado viernes, un grupo de alumnos de 1º de Bachillerato participó en la Feria de los Idiomas para presentar y defender ante un jurado un vídeo que previamente había sido seleccionado entre diferentes colegios de la Comunidad de Madrid.
El nombre del concurso "EF High School Challenge" y el tema que tenían que exponer ante el público defendiendo por qué eran la clase más internacional, supuso un gran reto para el equipo.
Nuestros chicos disfrutaron mucho la experiencia y fueron conscientes de la importancia de saber hablar en público ( en este caso en inglés) pues es importante tanto para la vida personal como profesional.
Nos sentimos muy orgullosos de las habilidades oratorios de nuestros chicos y del Segundo Premio conseguido. ¡ Enhorabuena!

Departamento de Inglés


Last Friday a group of 1st of Bachillerato participated in a Fair of Languages, presenting a video which had already been selected among many of the  schools from our "Comunidad".
The contest name "EF High School Challenge", with the topic "How international we are",has been a real ' challenge' for the group.

They really enjoyed the experience and became aware of the importance of good public speaking skills as they are important both in their personal and professional lives.
We felt really proud of the oratory skills of our students! They won Second place in this exciting contest.

English Department


En el Colegio Santa Helena, también hacemos PUBLICIDAD.

Por alumnos de 2º de Bachillerato
Fdo: Teacher Inma

Resolution of Problems

Last Friday, the students of Santa Helena school of 4th of ESO, made a proyect related to a programme about the resolution of problems. This programme consists of 6 steps:

-Setting the stage

-Gathering perspectives

-Finding common interest

-Creation option

-Evaluate option

-Creating on agreement

Teacher: Chus Agúndez



Have you ever Heard about the unofficial anthem of Australia? In fact, Waltzing Matilda is the most recorded song in Australia, in addition, the meaning and the origin of the song have been argued over many researchers since it was written over a hundred years ago.

Some people believe that Waltzing Matilda was an early political protest song about freedom. While there are people who think that the Great Strike of 1894 influenced Banjo Paterson to write this song in 1895, some others disagree.

There are four versions of Waltzing Matilda, the best known outside Australia is an international version which was sung at the closing ceremony of the Sidney 2000 olympics.
In 2012, to remind Australians of the songs significance, Winton, where Paterson wrote the song, orgaised the inaugural Waltzing Matilda day on the 6th of April, the anniversary of its first performance.

The meaning of the song is a story about an itinerant worker, or swagman, who was drinking tea at a bush camp. Suddenly he saw a sheep drinking water in a billabong or water hole, and he decided to capture it in order to eat it later. When the sheeps or jumbuck owner, a squatter, arrived with three police officers to arrest the swagman for the theft, he committed suicide by drowing himself in the billabong. It is said that his ghost haunts the site and people can hear him sing near the billabong.

As far as I am concerned, Waltzing Matilda is a catchy song apart from interesting and child-like. The story behind the lyrics is rather entertaining but I don´t think it is suitable for being a national anthem. To my way of thinking, it is strange to put a song about a sheep rutler as a national anthem, but in my view, the only ones who have the right to give their opinion are Australia´s people and not us.

Alumna de 2º de Bachillerato

Aussies, What is that?

During this term, 2nd Bach "Ampliación" has been working on Australia- distant country where English is its official language. If you want to learn something else about this curious place, read a few of the reviews our students have written.
( Durante este trimestre, 2 Bach " Ampliación" ha estado trabajando sobre Australia- país  lejano donde el inglés es el idioma oficial . Si quieres aprender algo más acerca de este curioso lugar, lee unos pocos de los "reviews" que han escrito nuestros alumnos.

Aussies, What is that?
If someone talks about aussies, you will probably think about an animal, food or maybe a place. The curious fact is that aussies are actually people from Australia.

As everyone knows, Australia is that huge island and country at the same time, where kangaroos make their way jumping through those vast lands. However, this astonishing country hides many more incredible facts that make Australia unique. For example, there are 100 million sheeps and 40 million kangaroos while only 20 million inhabitants. Talking about the aussies, at the beginning they were some kind of British outlaws and called pommies referring to POME (Prisoners of Mother England).

Of course, if you visit Australia, you will hear the song “Waltzing Matilda”, which is their unofficial national anthem and probably it will make you dance and sing those catchy lyrics for quite a long time.

In my opinion, all these things make Australia a wonderful and interesting country to visit, and maybe, meet some aussies during the stay!

Fdo: Jose Pereira, Alumno de 2º de Bachillerato del Colegio Santa Helen

Teacher 2º Bachillerato

Inmaculada Navarro

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